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ROUND TABLE 1: Electric distribution activity (in Serbia) - perspectives and challenges in the light of new conditions and existing opportunities

Moderator: Andrija VUKAŠINOVIĆ (EPSD, Beograd), Serbia
Participants: TBA


  • Presenting announced regulations tendencies  (CEER - „The Future role of DSOs“,  EC - Winter Energy Package, EC - Clean Energy Package, ACER - „A bridge to 2025“, …)
  • Presenting new services that the ODS should provide or support (Demand Response, Electro mobility, Energy Storage, Flexibiility services, …)
  • Getting familiar with new software / business fenomenons such are Blockchain or Smart contract and implementation possibilities for ODS business processes
  • An estimate of implementing given options in Serbian power market and analysis of the ability of ODS to adjust to the upcoming challenges
  • Analysis of possible scenarios for acting in order to succesfully cope with the future already here

ROUND TABLE 2: Module of public-private partnerships in strengthening the capacity of protection and rescue in critical infrastructure in the electric power sector in the region

Moderators: Edin GARAPLIJA, Institut za upravljanje rizicima INZA Beograd, Velimir STRUGAR, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore AD Nikšić, Montenegro

ROUND TABLE 3: Energy and distribution - expected steps in development and distribution network management - IEEE power and energy society



  • Trends in Microgrid Control
  • Hierarchical Structure of Microgrids Control System
  • Real-Time Energy Management in Microgrids
  • State of the art development in distribution systems

ROUND TABLE 4: Activities on distribution electric power system (DEES)

Moderator: mr Dušan Vukotić (ODS “EPS Distribucija” d.o.o. Beograd), Serbia
Participants: Dalibor Nikolić (ODS “EPS Distribucija” d.o.o. Beograd), Momčilo Šešlija (ODS “EPS Distribucija” d.o.o. Beograd), Srbija / Serbia


  • IMS procedures and instructions from the function “Management”
  • Registering work on elements and objects of DEES
  • Coordinaton of activities during work on DEES
  • Registration and contracting on EEO as property of KDS and on internal KDS installation objects
  • Working near EEO when EEO is not a working site

The adopted IMS procedures and instructions by the ODS determine the manner and procedures on basis of which the activities on the execution of work on DEES is performed. Security procedures that are undertaken before and during the performance of the work include measures that reduce or eliminate the hazards arising from the execution of a work on DEES, and committers and contractors engaged on several grounds commit to effectively eliminate any occurrence of accidents during works. A special emphasis is placed on regulating the entry into the EEE, since for various types of work carried out within the EEE or in their immediate vicinity, it is necessary to issue appropriate documents on the basis of which the dispatching centers will give their consent to the entry, as well as issue relevant documents based on which will be approached to perform works on DEES.

Business presentations and round tables schedule

Tuesday, 25.09.2018.

Hall 1     15:00-15:45       Elektromontaža: Company presentation
Hall 3     15:00-15:45       ABB: Company presentation
Hall 1     16:00-16:45       Schneider Electric: Company presentation
Hall 3     16:00-16:45       Jugotrade: Company presentation
Hall 1     17:00-17:45       ROUND TABLE 1
Hall 3     17:00-17:45       Elnos Group: Company presentation
Hall 1     18:00-18:45       Nexans / Marti Komerc: Company presentation
Hall 3     18:00-18:45       General Electric: Prezentacija kompanije / Company presentation
Hall 1     19:00-19:45       Siemens: Company presentation

Wednesday, 26.09.2018.

Hall 1     15:00-15:45       Comel: Company presentation   
Hall 3     15:00-15:45       Omicron: Company presentation   
Hall 1     16:00-16:45       Weidmueller: Company presentation
Hall 3     16:00-16:45       Minel Trafo: Company presentation
Hall 1     17:00-17:45       ROUND TABLE 2
Hall 3     17:00-17:45       Yokogawa: Company presentation
Hall 3     18:00-18:45         MLS Exing / Kohler-Sdmo: Demonstration of diesel aggregates
Hall 1     19:00                  ROUND TABLE 3

Thursday, 27.09.2018.

Hall 3          16:00-16:45       EGE / Aries: Company presentation
Hall 3          17:00-18:30       ROUND TABLE 4


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