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Activities of CIRED Serbia National Committee (CIRED Serbia) assume the following:


• Active practice in expert studies, analysis and development of techniques within electric power distribution;

• Promoting CIRED Conference activities and functions;

• Delegating representatives for the CIRED executive committee in order to manage the activities of CIRED;

• Suggesting preferential subjects for the CIRED Conference to a technical committee within areas considered to be important;

• Performing correspondence with CIRED and distribution of information to all the interested experts within the country (call for papers, conference programs, CIRED magazine, etc) ;

• Reconsidering all the paper proposals sent from Serbia;

• Collecting papers final versions together with all the accompanying documents in order to deliver them to the CIRED Conference Organizational Committee;

• Suggesting members for the CIRED Working Group;

• Organizing events, conferences and seminars in Serbia;

• Monitoring and improvement of development in certain, more specific areas of its operations and formation of expert committees and working groups of CIRED Serbia for that matter;

• Establishing collaboration with different associations and individuals interested in issues CIRED Serbia deals with;

• Informing the public by publishing its conferences materials and references;

• Publishing scientific and other expert publications from its domain;

• Every second year CIRED Serbia organizes the conference and exhibition of modern equipment in the area of electric power distribution.


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