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Work in Expert Committees

Work at the Conference is organized in six Expert Committees according to the Conference program. A discussion will concentrate on issues and questions from various papers, which are grouped in accordance with preferential topics. Papers will be presented simultaneously in three conference halls during the morning; however efforts will be made to avoid the presentation of coinciding topics taking place at the same time. The afternoon period will be reserved for other Conference activities and Business Club presentations. At the end of each session, the conclusions for each Session will be formed, adopted and in the end will be printed in the Conference Report.


Expert issues, which will be discussed at the Conference, are based on accepted papers, written on defined preferential subjects. All papers are reviewed by top experts from each preferential area and will be published in the Conference Book of Abstracts, in abstracts form, in Serbian and English language, and on the USB in their full format, as well as will be distributed to the participants who have paid the registration fee.


The Referees in each Session suggest questions for discussion for each of the preferential subject. Authors may give a short introduction (maximum 15 minutes, including discussion time) and answer questions during the discussion. The discussion is led by a session chair in accordance with the order of preferential subjects and registration.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Four simultaneous interpreters for English language will be engaged during the Conference. They will be covering those sessions which include English language presentations. For sessions that do not include English language presentations, simultaneous interpretation won’t be engaged unless foreign participants had previously applied for the session they are interested in at the registration desk of BBN.

Technical Equipment

Authors, who want to present from their own PC, should contact the technician in the conference room and supply him with the required material and instructions for the presentation. All Session rooms will be equipped with PC, video projector and all other necessary audio/video equipment.


Marketing program

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