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Expert committees of CIRED National Committee of Serbia and CIRED Committee of Monenergro are established by the Executive Committee for each Conference in accordance with current topics and problems in the electricity distribution of Serbia and Montenegro in the region, with consideration of the number and content of the CIRED technical sessions. The following preferential subjects have been established for the Seventh Conference on electricity distribution in Serbia.

Expert Committee 1: DISTRIBUTION SUBSTATIONS AND POWER LINES Chairman: Prof. Dragoslav Peric, PhD., Serbian Transmission System and Market Operator
  • Projection of power distribution substations and power lines using computer
  • New materials, technologies and equipment in substations and power
  • Environmental protection and security issues connected with substations and power lines
  • Classification, standardization and technical recommendation regarding substations and power lines

Expert Committee 2: POWER QUALITY IN DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Chairman: Prof. Vladimir Katic, PhD., Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Power quality indices (stability of supply, flicker, harmonics, voltage sags and swells, over voltages, transients, etc.)
  • Methods of measurement and monitoring of power quality indices and methods for PQ disturbance detection
  • Practical solutions for PQ improvements
  • Modeling and simulation of nonlinear and other PQ disturbing loads
  • Disturbances resistivity of equipment
  • Softening of the disturbances
  • Innovative technical regulative

Expert Committee 3: OPERATION, CONTROL AND PROTECTION Chairman: Zarko Micin, PE EPS Elektrovojvodina, Electric Utility Novi Sad
  • Refurbishment strategies and augmentation of network capacities,
  • Workforce management tools and techniques to improve operation efficiency Maintenance strategies
  • Planning of network maintenance, concepts of data bases, their ruling and exploitation in scope of maintenance plans.
  • Emergency management to handle local failures as well as large black outs
  • Strategies and responsibilities for outsourced network operators or service companies
  • Expected and existing level of network maintenance quality

Expert Committee 4: PROTECTION AND OPERATION OF THE ELECTRIC NETWORK Chairman: Dušan Vukotić, M.Sc.E.E., EDB -Electric utility of Belgrade
  • The strategies during replacing SCADA systems, reconstruction of the relay protections and implementation of the substation automation systems
  • The usage of energy application within electric utilities.
  • The automation of electric distribution network (concepts)
  • Impact of distributed generation on traditional protection systems.
  • Communication standards and interoperability standards for IT-integration
  • The usage of communication systems for operation and protection of the electric distribution network
  • Security aspects of information access and information exchange.
  • The skills and training of staff for protection and operation of the electric distribution network

Expert committee 5: DEREGULATION, OPEN MARKET AND UTILIZATION OF ELECTRICITY Chairman: Dr Nenad Katić, Telvent DMS Novi Sad
  • Experience with de-regulation, unbundling and outsourcing in electricity sector in the region
  • Pricing principles for electricity distribution services, price tariffs for tariff customers
  • Metering devices, billing systems and customer services.
  • Automatic Meter Infrastructure (AMI) solutions, communication requirements, experiences
  • Distributed Generation – network access, protection and control – experiences, standards, regulation
  • Energy efficiency, Load Management and Demand Side Management

  • Demand forecast
    -Spatial forecasting
    -Development of simulation models for analysis of different influencing factors
  • New requirements and criteria for efficiency assessment of distribution networks
    -Distribution networks reliability – definition of new requirements and methods for calculation
    -Assessment of network state – developing the methodologies for the health indices, goals and results -Economical and technical performance indicators in front of distribution network planer
    -Electrical energy losses
  • Methods and tools for the planning of distribution networks of the future
    -Methods for the planning of distribution networks with uncertainty
    -Optimization of grid infrastructure
    -Different scenarios for the Smart grids development
    -Transition strategies from existing to the networks of the future
  • Investment strategies
    -Multicriteria prioritizing of investment
    -Risk analysis in distribution planning
    -Refurbishment of aged networks and their adaptation to new requirements of market and ecology

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