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During the Conference, two round tables were held on the topics: Non-technical losses and Smart Grids.


At the round table on non-technical losses, three presentations were given.

The first presentation “ELECTRICITY LOSSES IN THE DISTRIBUTION GRID OF THE REPUBLIC OF CROATIA“, by Ante Pavic,  from the Croatian electric power utility, was held, due to the author’s absence, by Dragoslav Jovanovic, the round table moderator.

The second presentation ”Non-technical electricity losses Experience of PC Electric Power Utility of B&H, d.d. Sarajevo” was held by Snezana Tepavcevic from the Electric Power Utility of B&H, while the presentation ”NON-TECHNICAL ELECTRICITY LOSSES” was given by Radovan Stanic from EPS.

As expected, the unavoidable topic in our region provoked a discussion and sharing of mutual experience with the colleagues from the region, after which a conclusion was drawn that the experience from Croatia and B&H was certainly beneficial, some of which could be applied in Serbia as well.


Based on the presentations and discussions at the Round table held on the next day – “Implementation of SmartGrids solutions at PC EPS– Strategy and development trends“, in addition to the other conclusions, the following relevant conclusions were drawn:

  • For the purpose of efficient implementation of SmartGrids solutions, it is necessary to define within PC EPS the SmartGrids development strategy in addition to defining all the relevant requirements and including into the European trends the adoption of documents and recommendations in this sphere  thereby consistently providing the integrated information support of the technical aspects of distribution;
  • The objectives of the system introduction are in accordance with the crucial business objectives of PC EPS;
  • Proceed with the activities concerning modernization of SDM (SDU), аutomation of the MV electricity distribution grid and integration of the realized SCADA systems existing within a control center as well as connection with the DMS energy functions.

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