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CIRED Liaison Committee of Serbia and Serbian Chamber of Commerce have organized a symposium "Risk Management in the revitalization of power distribution facilities" within the Chamber in Resavska 15, Belgrade, on October 22, 2015.



Four presentations were held during the very well attended event:

1. Risk management in the power utilities, standards and international experience

-       Risk management through ISO standards

-       Refurbishment of ageing substations:  increase reliability and decrease overall utility costs

-       Methodology applied by EPS for the multicriteria decision analysis for the substation refurbishment

Lecturer: Prof. Aleksandar Janjic, PhD, Electronic Faculty Nis

2. Maintenance of distribution assets and risk

-      Risk analysis of substations based on the current equipment condition

-      Different maintenance strategies

-      Environmental risk

Lecturer: Velimir Strugar, PhD, Power Distribution of Montenegro

3. Modern technologies applied for the operational risk reduction

-      Substation maintenance activities prioritization based on risk

-      Short term and long term strategies in the asset management

Lecturer: Zoran Ristanovic, MSc, Siemens

4. Risk management in Smart Grid

-        Decision making process Risk Identification

-        Techniques for Decision and Risk Analysis

-          Decision matrix

-          Decision tree

-        Decision Criteria

-        Risk models – Examples

Lecturer: Goran Svenda, PhD, Schneider-Electric


Presented papers introduced participants to the methods of risk analysis, identification and assessment of the likelihood of events, considering possible consequences, as well as measures to reduce the risk with the use of modern technology.


President of the CIRED Liaison Committee of Serbia, Zoran Simendić, on the occasion of the 10th jubilee Conference on Distribution Networks in Serbia, which will take place, now traditionally, in Vrnjacka Banja from September 26-30, 2016, presented the following information:


-   10 Conference on electricity distribution in serbia – Information


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