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Deadline for application and abstract submission is January 27, 2020.

Abstracts and papers must be submitted via an online application:

Abstract should be submitted in English language in the following format:
- Title of paper and short summary of maximum 300 words, without commercial aspects, with 4-6 key words
- Abstract cannot contain special signs, formulas, tables or images and photographs


Authors (contact persons) will be notified of abstract acceptance not later than February 24, 2020 when they will be given paper instructions.


Final version of paper should be written and submitted in Serbian language, while English version is voluntary. Deadline for submission of full paper is April 20, 2020.


Deadline for authors for paying the fee is August 21, 2020. Payment of fee within the given deadline is obligatory condition for including the paper in the conference program, book of abstracts and conference proceedings. Papers not included in the program cannot be presented at the conference.


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