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Monografija 20 godina CIRED Srbija

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CIRED LC of Serbia as a successor of JUKO CIRED, has significant experience in the organization of conferences, from previous national events. Since the conference gained its regional character participants evaluate it as being the most important event in the electricity distribution field of the region.

X Conference was very well attended with 730 registered participants. With 147 foreign participants, it once again confirmed its regional character. Of over 140 submitted papers, 107 was selected to be presented at the event. A number of commercial participant reached a record number with 61 companies. It is our belief that this conference provides an excellent opportunity for scientists, experts, businessmen, electricity distribution companies directors, engineers, manufacturers, users and repair services of electricity distribution equipment, as well as professors and researchers, consultants, designers and managers from all fields that are part of the distribution system to meet. The presence of numerous regional experts on all the previous conferences shows the necessity to thoroughly analyze all the issues characteristic for this region, with the use of exchanged experiences and scientific researches within the area. We are connected with a number of similarities in terms of technological development level and reorganization and management, in exploitation and management of electricity distribution networks, as well as in restructuring, deregulation and privatization.

Today, in the period of economic crisis, it is necessary to focus on preparations for overcoming those crisis and creating plans and projects for the after-crisis period. It is almost certain that these preparations are turned towards reviewing one's own possibilities and establishing cooperation with equipment producers. After crisis, with first signs of improvement, the need for energy will increase. For the, above all, electricity distributors to be prepared for such a demand, it is necessary to start the preparations as we speak.We believe that you will find interest in presenting your firm at this Conference i proper and professional way. With this in mind, we made a rich and flexible offer for company's promotion that will present your firm in the best light to all current and new clients.

President of CIRED LC of Serbia
Zoran Simendic, PhD


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